The Facebook Blues


(Photo from pixabay, found through creative commons)

I think we’ve all been there. Scrolling down our Facebook timeline, seeing all the cool things our friends are doing, seeing who they’re with, seeing things you weren’t invited to…and then comparing all the interesting pictures and amazing news to your own life that’s looking more and more boring with every click of your mouse. It can really suck.

There are many studies out now that actually suggest that Facebook makes us more sad and it makes us feel more alienated. Facebook has been proven to cause depression, isolation, jealously, and social tension. And I can very clearly see why.

I pretty much hate going on my Facebook. It seems like every status update is another one of my “acquaintances”  or best friends bragging about something incredible that they get to do or something really amazing that happened to them. Or I always see a post from that one friend who seemingly always has something awesome happening in her life. Every. Time.

In a perfect world, I would probably be happy for them. However, if you look at those great status updates when you’re life is not so hot, Facebook can start to get depressing.

It does for me personally, anyway. Facebook is the place where I see what all my friends were doing on Friday night without me. It’s the place where I see all the cool vacations my Facebook friends are going on while I’m stuck at home. It’s the place where I see all my college buddies getting cool internships or getting some huge award for something.

Now, I’m honestly all for sharing these accomplishments. I think it’s just important to remember not to compare your friends’ lives to ours when we’re scrolling through all of this.

We should remember that Facebook is very superficial. People put things on there hoping to get “likes.” They mostly only show the great things happening to them, not the day-by-day issues that every one is plagued with. You’re comparing your “lows” to everyone’s’ “highs” that they only post on Facebook.

You’re not seeing the whole picture. Just because your best friend got to travel to Mexico over Spring Break and her pictures look amazing, doesn’t mean that her life is any better than yours.

So, if you’re scrolling through your timeline and you see that 14 of your friends made the Dean’s List while you just flunked your Chemistry exam, don’t sweat it. That’s not the whole picture, and I can almost guarantee you that they have struggles too, maybe even some of the same ones you do. And just like you, they don’t post those things on Facebook.

Facebook is meant to be a fun way to connect with friends, don’t let it be just another negative aspect in your life. Remember, it’s not the whole story, and you’re doing just fine.




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